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Your Bones on My Bones – Left, Center, and Right

Tags: Linocut, Printmaking, Traditional Media

Medium: Single color linocut on Japanese mulberry paper
Description: I’m so happy with this print! It came out exactly how I envisioned it. My starting point was wanting to do a linocut. From there, I decided to do a very stark black linocut on transparent paper, to play with the contrast between the ink and paper. I wanted to use something hard as a subject, like rocks or metal or bones, to emphasize that contrast. From there, the full composition came to me pretty quickly. It was one of those pieces where I knew right away what I wanted it to look like, without really being able to explain the reasons behind it. I find those pieces are the most personally satisfying for me, and actually often more artistically/conceptually successful too. I really enjoyed the linocut process, and I’m definitely going to keep working with it post-grad, especially since it’s a process I can easily do at home without a press.