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The Glashtyn

Tags: Etching, Photolithograph, Printmaking, Traditional Media

Medium: Etching on aluminum, photo litho on polyester plate with whiting
Description: Ultimately I wasn’t too happy with these prints. This was my first time doing real etching on a metal plate, and it was much harder than I expected. The ground didn’t seem to want to come off the plate very easily when I was drawing on it. I hated doing the photo litho, but unfortunately it was a part of the assignment. It was a learning experience, I guess. I’m still happy with the subject of the prints though. It was inspired by the S.J. Tucker song “Glashtyn Shanty.” The Ogham script at the top and bottom is lyrics from the song–“Heave ho, Glashtyn go, tug the ferry to and fro. Heave ho, child must go, down to the river below.”