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Taiki Beauty Site

Client: Taiki USA
Description: This site was coded on WordPress using an extremely minimal pseudo-page builder built in ACF. This approach has stood the test of time, as over the 2 years since launch I have helped the client add numerous new pages to the site and revise old ones. I have had to create very few extra modules in the page builder, and the branding remains consistent throughout with little effort.

Technologies, frameworks and plugins used included: WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, Grunt, SmartyStreets, Fancybox

As a secondary project after launch, the client wanted to make their Contact Us form into a multi-part lead generation tool. The result was a Level 1 Gravity Form that fed results into Pardot using a query string, combined with a drip campaign in Pardot that reminded the user to fill out the Level 2 form if they didn't proceed right away. The Level 2 form contained further questions, including a zip code field that validated entries using the SmartyStreets API to prevent users inputting fake zip codes. This allowed the new leads to be assigned to the correct salesperson immediately. This project involved mostly custom integrations written in PHP, as existing plugins did not meet the client's complex needs.