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Kane Wound Care Site

Client: Kane Wound Care
Description: This site was coded on WordPress using a pseudo-page builder built in ACF. The intention was to allow the client to edit content and create new landing pages without allowing them to make design decisions that might disrupt the site branding.

Technologies, frameworks and plugins used included: WordPress, Gravity Forms, Tailwind, Webpack, Waypoints, Fancybox, Tinyslider, Sendgrid

Considerations when developing included:

  • How to optimize images: I settled on using webp format on the illustrations (with fallback for webp-incompatible browsers) and SVG for icons for optimal image sizes.
  • How to serve videos: Client was informed of the benefits of using an external service to serve videos rather than self hosting, such as automatic resolution adjustment and saving server bandwidth. Client agreed to go with Vimeo to host their videos.
  • Forms: This site contains multiple forms for different purposes, and the main CTA throughout the site is to fill out the "Schedule an Appointment" form. Client required forms that included an auto-responder, file uploader, and entry saving. Gravity Forms was a good match for the client's needs.