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DGR Systems

Client: DGR Systems
Description: This site was coded on WordPress using a pseudo-page builder built in ACF. The intention was to allow the client to edit content and create new landing pages without allowing them to make design decisions that might disrupt the site branding.

Technologies, frameworks and plugins used included: WordPress, Gravity Forms, Tailwind, Webpack, Waypoints

Considerations when developing included:

  • Breakpoint Management: This site uses offset and overlapping content blocks to achieve a sophisticated look. Additionally, many of these layouts include multiple columns within the content blocks. Figuring out how to make these complex layouts look great at all screen sizes was a challenge. My solution involved brainstorming solutions for responsive layouts with the designer, using my own design skills to figure out a workable outcome, and writing a few extra breakpoints where necessary. In the end, most layouts were able to conform to the standardized grid used across the site with few exceptions, making the theme code much easier to maintain in the future.